About Matjaž Škorjanc

Matjaž Škorjanc is a cryptocurrency expert, co-founder and former CTO of NiceHash, a cryptocurrency exchange and hash power marketplace.

He founded NiceHash in 2014 after spotting a gap in the crypto mining market for a user-friendly free exchange for buyers to bid against each other openly.

Although the original software developer of NiceHash, Matjaz is not involved with the current ownership or management of NiceHash – nor does he hold any shares or finance from the company.

Matjaž Škorjanc and NiceHash

Matjaž Škorjanc has been a former CTO, Mining Software Developer and Lead Product Manager at NiceHash. Although he is no longer part of the management team at NiceHash, he remains active in other cryptocurrency projects and is an expert in blockchain tech, operating systems, mining software and networks.

Thought Leadership

With plenty of industry insights and technical know-how to share, Matjaž Škorjanc frequently writes thought leadership blogs and articles for specialist and mainstream media.

This website collects these articles and thought leadership pieces for a one-stop-shop in information about how to make money from hash power.

To find out exactly what hash (or hashing) power is and how you can use your PC hardware to generate cryptocurrency, visit the NiceHash website.


Founder and Lead Product Manager of NiceHash






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